Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals

The following can be inferred from the Shareholder’s / Owner’s / Stakeholder’s expectation as informing the business imperatives for Odirile over the short, medium and long term.


  • Ensure that all expenditure is optimised under robust control to the point where no fruitless expenditures are incurred
  • All expenditure is incurred in terms of approved plans
  • Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined with incumbents, as duly authorised, are held accountable / responsible for expenses incurred, and
  • All revenues are managed in accordance with Odirile policy and the expectations of the shareholders / owners.


  • Product and service offerings are expanded to include specialist service as pertinent to ICT related governance and requirements management for a holistic through-life approach to ICT management in the client environment.
  •  Products and service offerings are optimised with flexibility to accommodate unique requirements of clients for long term partnerships, and
  • Product differentiation and diversification can form the basis for expanding the client footprint across industries as planned.

Other (as appropriate)

  • Networking should form the basis for strategically aligned partnerships to enhance capacity without sustaining unsustainable cost to company in relation to the potential revenue stream.
  • Network capacity should be supplementary and complimentary to internal capacity as informed by a holistic through-life to ICT management systems and services for clients.