Odirile will be the leading ICT solutions provider in our selected markets

Mission Statement
To ensure that we give our clients’ business a meaning by growing their investments, creating value through sustainable Information Technology Solutions as a reliable partner. Hence our punchline: “Your ICT partner to grow sustainable value”

Core Values:   

  • Teamwork,
  • Integrity,
  • People Centric and
  • Innovation

 Business Values:

  •  Value add,
  • Promotion of meaningful Black Economic Empowerment,
  • Sustainable economic growth,
  • women empowerment and 
  • quality of service

The key strengths of the organisation are the depth of experience and knowledge that the Executive possesses and the invaluable networks within the industry and the public sector where most of the revenue has been derived.  The management has a hands-on approach making sure the organisation stays on track and any issues that would threaten the viability of the business are dealt with timeously. 

The performance in the last year was not at the same level as the previous years’ and this prompted a review of the strategy and this resulted in the formulation of a robust turnaround strategy that includes objectives such as increasing turnover, improving internal process of performance management and governance. The strategy will realise a threefold increase in turnover and a much improved bottom line.  The strategy will take advantage of the digital transformation opportunities available in the public sector and private sectors. The strategy will be realised in part by focussing on value added services and move away from infrastructure and product sales only.  

The South African ICT market is worth upwards of R352 billion and the level of operation that Odirile IT Holding (Pty) Ltd aims to achieve is very small compared to the broader market therefore will not attract the attention of the big industry players. In fact some of the would-be competitors will welcome being partners in delivering some of the projects that provide gross profit margins of up to  R10m.


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